Steel String

Steel String Accoustic Guitar

This design is based on the venerable Gibson 335. The top and back are carved from solid wood. The top is spruce, with a center lamination of western maple. The back is either figured curly maple, quilted bigleaf maple or birdseye maple. The sides are either maple matching the back, or in some models, Brazilian rosewood. The instrument is bound in wood or plastic and features a 24.625″ scale length, traditional stop tailpiece, bridge, Schaller enclosed gear tuners.

The neck is a laminate of mahogany with a center stripe of curly koa. The peghead is laminated with layers of dyed veneers to reveal a curved decorative effect in the finished neck; much like the old banjo technique seen in modern instruments such as the Alembic Bass. This assures an unbreakable, energy efficient peghead design and is absolutely guaranteed against failure or fracture.

All instruments have a panel in the back to allow for easy access to the wiring. Some models have removable blocks to allow conversion from semi-hollow to truly free top design. This feature is unique to these instruments. Graphite epoxy is used in the neck and in some cases the bracing for these guitars. An adjustable, advanced design truss rod ensures control of action in all climates. The frets are polished to the 12,000 grit level, approximately the level of optical clarity. Finishes are either clear or sunburst. All orders are subject to a 10% cancellation fee.