The Legacy Trio

Jack Casady

Jack Casady Custom Acoustic Bass Leads Luthier to a Higher Calling

When legendary bass player Jack Casady’s beloved wife Diana passed away after a long battle with cancer, the Hot Tuna bassist went to master luthier Tom Ribbecke shop in rural wine country in search of a new guitar.  Read More…



Vitruvian X Man

Price : 1,618,033.98

Halfling® carve

Vitruvian X Man

"Realize that everything connects to everything else"

-Leonardo DaVinci-

The purpose of this instrument is to connect the rest of its family together as one. It can play the lead, it can play the harmony, and it can play it loud it can sing sweetly, clearly and softly. This is the big brother instrument. Strong when it has to be or playing quietly as the others stretch their chords and fill the room with their energy. He is balanced, he is strong, and he has purpose and passion. This reach extends far beyond any fingertips…the universe is its domain for this is Phi…The Golden Ratio…1.618033988.

The strong spirit in the wood, the rich history in the artifacts, the passions of the builders and artists all resonate in the very first member of the Legacy Trio to be born. This is the oldest and wisest. He is here to share his knowledge his energy his passion his purpose. Close your eyes and let him take you to the far reaches of the universe. Let him take you through time and emotions. Open you mind, silence your voice. Become aware of the beauty inside your body and mind.

Microscrimshaw: Bob Hergert

Time Capsule: Brass time capsule with Tom's building secrets embedded in the neck.





    • Headstock
    • Quilted mahogany from The Tree
    • Fretboard
    • ebony
    • Top
    • Sitka Spruce
    • Back/Sides
    • piece quilted mahogany from The Tree. Tortoise shell pattern.
    • Neck
    • Honduran mahogany (dual carbon fiber rods)
    • Tuners
    • Gotoh 510 gold with ebony knobs (21:1 ratio)
    • Pickups
    • LR Baggs Lyric acoustic
    • Fretboard_radius
    • 12.5º
    • Scale
    • 25.4"
    • Lower_bout
    • 17"
    • Bridge/Tailpiece
    • custom Macassar ebony
    • Color
    • Amber Natural burst
    • Finish
    • Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    • Inlay
    • Larry Robinson