The Legacy Trio

Jack Casady

Jack Casady Custom Acoustic Bass Leads Luthier to a Higher Calling

When legendary bass player Jack Casady’s beloved wife Diana passed away after a long battle with cancer, the Hot Tuna bassist went to master luthier Tom Ribbecke shop in rural wine country in search of a new guitar.  Read More…



Hunab Ku Bass

Price : $1,618,033.98

Hunab Ku - Mayan -- Gratitude -- The Source

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
-Nikola Tesla

Imagine a chord being struck in the deepest part of you, your very core. Now feel this energy flow from your core through your body...down your arms, through the fingers of both your hands. Fingers on one hand form the chord and fingers on the other strikes the strings. Energy, frequency, out and fills the room and enters into everyone who hears and feels the vibrations. Music, the language that connects everyone and everything, all plants, all creatures, all people of all ages, all races, all cultures, all religions...and spreads its energy and positive message It all begins inside of you then expands exponentially throughout the universe...The Source.

The inlay on the Legacy Trio Bass is the Mayan symbol Hunab Ku. It has many meanings. But, we choose to view it and feel it as gratitude. "The Source" that dwells in all of us. The positive energy, the long deep penetrating bass chords that can travel to the deepest depths of the ocean and to the farthest corners of the universe. The foundation of all music.

Coin: 1908 silver dollar owned by John Jacob Astor

    • Headstock
    • Quilted Mahogany from The Tree
    • Fretboard
    • ebony
    • Top
    • Western Red Cedar
    • Back/Sides
    • Carved, , single piece Quilted Mahogany from The Tree. Tortoise Shell pattern.
    • Neck
    • Birdseye Maple (dual carbon fiber rods)
    • Tuners
    • Hipshot
    • Pickups
    • Custom EMG custom wound by Rob Turner with rare earth magnets and preamp
    • Fretboard_radius
    • 12.5º
    • Scale
    • 36"
    • Lower_bout
    • 17"
    • Bridge/Tailpiece
    • custom carved Macassar ebony and quilted mahogany
    • Color
    • Ribbecke Blue burst
    • Finish
    • Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    • Inlay
    • Larry Robinson