The Legacy Trio

Jack Casady

Jack Casady Custom Acoustic Bass Leads Luthier to a Higher Calling

When legendary bass player Jack Casady’s beloved wife Diana passed away after a long battle with cancer, the Hot Tuna bassist went to master luthier Tom Ribbecke shop in rural wine country in search of a new guitar.  Read More…



1287 Creative River

Price : $1,618,033.98

Top: Halfling® carve

A great deal of thought and emotion went into creating this design. It was meant to be more than just decoration. It has a definite meaning, depth and purpose. The inspiration for this design came from life’s twisting journey and the image was inspired by the documentary Rivers and Tides. I wanted something that honored the builders, honored the wood used to build the guitars, something that honored and artists hardships and sacrifices, something that honored nature and something that honored the musician who would play the guitar and also provided a constant visual symbol to the listener (and the player) that they were being taken on a journey...

The meaning:

The Ribbecke logo represents all the builders and craftsmen who worked to build the instrument. It represents their energy their passions and all the trials and tribulations that went into building the guitar. The logo empties into the Creative River.

This is where the wood used to make the guitar begins its journey. The Creative River begins to flow where the sounds heard in the musician's mind begin their journey. It is where the player's emotions and thoughts begin to transform into music. Life isn't a straight line. Life isn't about destinations; it's about the journey. The river physically ends at the nut... but not really... its journey continues. The strings extend down the length of the fingerboard, traveling the entire length, over the body ready to spread its music throughout the world…the universe. This is where the music a player hears in their mind is magically transformed into the chords and notes. The wood and the guitar have become an extension of the player's mind and body. They are one. When the vibrations of the chords and notes extend to the bridge they activate the top. The energy of music then explodes into the world and enters the minds and bodies everyone who is listening, everyone who can hear it and it transports them to a different place and a different world…a different time. One in which they are connected to the wood, the builder, the music, the musician and especially the universe...and they share that energy and wonder…the healing power of music.  



    • Headstock
    • Ebony
    • Fretboard
    • Ebony
    • Top
    • 14" Carved single piece Quilted Mahogany from The Tree.
    • Back/Sides
    • 3-piece Quilted Mahogany from The Tree
    • Neck
    • Honduran Mahogany (dual carbon fiber rods)
    • Tuners
    • Gotoh 510 (21:1 ratio)
    • Pickups
    • Tom Holmes humbucker
    • Fretboard_radius
    • 12.5º
    • Scale
    • 25"
    • Lower_bout
    • 14"
    • Bridge/Tailpiece
    • Callaham cold rolled steel
    • Color
    • Natural clear
    • Finish
    • Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    • Inlay
    • Larry Robinson